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Fun Facts about Casino Sites

메이저사이트 have been around for a long time. From the first-ever documented casino in Venice, Italy, to the latest high-tech games on your phone, there are many fun facts about this industry that you may not know.

Here are few of them!

-Casinos have been around since as early as the first century AD. The word originated from Kechinos in Corinth, Greece, which was a place where Greeks played dice games called ‘Kabala’ and ‘Alea.’

-Today, there are over 400 casinos worldwide with an estimated gross revenue of 45 billion dollars!

-The largest casino in America is Caesars Palace Las Vegas Resort & Casino that has more than 5000 rooms and suites for guests to stay at when they visit their favorite destination spot.

-There are seven different types of roulette wheels: European (single zero), French (double zeros), American style double zero, Spanish/European single number (0 or 00), European double-digit (00 or 0), and Italian/American single numbers.

-The word ‘gambling’ is derived from the Pali word Kambala, which were ancient Indian races that involved betting on animals so they could be slaughtered afterward.

-Blackjack has been played in America since around 1829 when it was patented by an American doctor named James Carrington as a card game to prevent cheating during poker games he hosted at his house.

-To play craps, you must place bets on either pass line or don’t pass line wagers outside of the come area before rolling the dice for them to land inside this area. If your bet wins, then you will receive odds based on the amount you bet.

-In the betting game roulette, a player can only win on even chances and not odd ones like in other games. Therefore, a person playing this game is said to have numbers ‘in their pocket.’

Hope the facts were fun for you as well!

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