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2 Main strategy tips while playing live dealer baccarat

Baccarat is believed to be one of the table games which is quite simple found in brick and mortar casinos. With the game, you will enjoy fast paced returns and betting, but the game might become quite overwhelming if you are a newbie. Most of the top rated casinos online are now offering live baccarat online, where a version of live baccarat can be enjoyed.

With such an offer, you can take advantage of the most realistic experience of baccarat that you can get by playing live dealer baccarat online casino.  Live dealer baccarat will allow you to make use of some of the strategies below which will help you to win more and get more money most of the time.

By using the strategies and the tips, there is no guarantee that you will enjoy a win, but at least it will increase the possibilities while playing at live baccarat casino sites:

Betting on the banker

When you play a live dealer or a standard online version of baccarat, it is advisable to always bet on the dealer. There are four bets types which can be placed when you play the live baccarat and the banker bet is the one which offers the lowest house edge which is at 1.06%. To bet on the hand of the player offers 1.24% edge with a pair and a tie being the worst bets that you can consider because they have 10.36% and 14.36% house edges respectively.

So if you are enjoying the action of live dealer baccarat, you are likely to benefit from having to bet on the banker hand. Additionally, when using any strategy for card counting, it is advisable that you place the banker bet on each hand that plays.

Utilize the betting spread

One of the strategies which you can use with the live baccarat is to bet spread. The idea behind it all is that, you will have to bet small when the house advantage becomes high. You will also utilize a larger amount of bet when there is a low house advantage.  When you use this pattern of betting, you are going to increase the chances of having to win by lowering the house edge.

With the strategy, you need to realize that the lowest bet is going be always the minimum on the table and the highest bet will tend to vary depending on the table limits and the available bankroll. In most cases, the high bet will be at about 10 times the smallest bet which is placed.

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